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The auditorium is packed with EAGER MOVIE FANS. They CHATTER with excitement. Sitting among the crowd is the AUTHOR OF THE BOOK that the movie is based on, with their LOVED ONES.

The author is nervous, but also excited.

                    Look at all these people. I hope
                    they like it.

                           LOVED ONE
                    They will. The reviews have been great.
                                                Just relax, and enjoy -- your movie.

The author sits back in the chair, trying to calm down. The LIGHTS GO DOWN and the room grows quiet. IMAGES from the film version of the book FLASH ON THE SCREEN. MUSIC SWELLS. CREDITS ROLL -- the names of the stars, the producers, the screenwriter.

And then, that one magical IMAGE APPEARS: Based on the Book by YOU.

                                                              CUT TO:

Your House or Office

Did you know that 28,881 movies started out as books? So far.

Today, more and more novels, true stories, graphic novels and comic books are being turned into movies. Next time you watch a movie, on TV or at the theater, watch the credits.  You'll often see right after the screenwriter's credit, an image that says

Adapted from the book (or comic book, etc.) ....

That's why so many authors and publishers try to get their books turned into a movie.

That's also why it's so hard for an author, maybe you, to sell your book to Hollywood.  So many people want to do it.

To make matters worse, most people in Hollywood don't like to read books. They're too busy. They prefer to read screenplays, which are generally 90 - 120 pages, with lots of white space. And if the screenplay is based on a book, so much the better.

So you could adapt your book into a screenplay, but writing a script takes a completely different skill set from writing a book. One that's difficult to master.

You could struggle and attempt to write  your own screenplay. Read all the books, take classes, spend a lot of time and money, especially for screenwriting software. If you're going to write a screenplay, such software is essential these days. Screenplays look different on the page than books do.

The first thing a producer does when they open a screenplay is check the formatting. If it's not done properly, they toss the script and move on to the next one. And that's just one of many, many things that you need to learn to write a screenplay.

So what's the solution?  Partner with a produced screenwriter. That's me.

I wrote most of an award-winning feature film that will be released later this year.

I was also recently hired by a movie company to adapt a true story (book) for the big screen.

Two of my other screenplays  were optioned by another production company and my manager in Hollywood is actively shopping some of my other scripts.

If forming a joint venture that can help sell your book to Hollywood is something that interests you, even a little, please contact me. Be sure to check out the rest of this site to learn more about me. 

Thank you,

Danek S. Kaus

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